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Terms Of Business

Terms Of Business

Terms Of Business

By using our services, the client agrees to the following terms of business set by Hinoda Trading. Please note that these terms of business reflect our vast business experience in this industry. Therefore, clients not agreeing to our terms should discuss before making any deal with us. We are flexible for the clients having past business history with us.

1. We at Hinoda Trading only accepts order through confirmed official means such us Hinoda Trading’s phone number, email, fax or direct phone to our business manager or export division. Any order which is claimed by the client without official stamp or invoice will not be considered.

2. It is the client’s responsibility to confirm the specifications of the Goods e.g., year of manufacture, type of fuel, transmission or spare parts details.

3. Hinoda Trading reserves the rights to cancel any incomplete/fraudulent order without any prior written or verbal notice.

4. Clients are required to pay 50% deposit of the total value before the order is accepted by us. This deposit of 50% will be held by our company as security until the remaining balance is cleared. In case the balance isn’t cleared within the given timeframe, the security deposit will be held by the company.

5. The first installment of the order which is 50% of the total value of used construction machinery or used truck should be paid within 5 days for orders less than USD 50,000/- or within 10 days for order above USD 50,000/- or above.

6. The second installment should be made after the issuance of BL (Bill of Lading) within 7 days. An invoice will be sent to respective client for the goods purchased from our company.

7. Client is responsible to pay any bank surcharges during the Telegraphic Transfer.

8. The Telegraphic Transfer should always be made to our designated bank account mentioned on our website. It is client’s responsibility to ensure the banking information with our accounts department before sending any remittance. Failure to do so will be considered as if “No order was placed”.

9. We at Hinoda Trading never asks any client to transfer funds to any individual or personal account whatsoever.

10. We always receive payments through Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) method. However, in some cases we may accept Western Union or MoneyGram if client requires spare parts valued less than USD $1000/-

11. Shipment of the container/vehicle/machine/spare part(s) is conducted always after the confirmation of payment.

12. It is client’s responsibility to verify and follow all the laws and regulations related to import, customs, taxation or any other related regulation which varies from country to country.

13. Company will never be liable or held responsible for the losses due to failure of meeting the import, tax or customs regulation.

14. Company will never be liable or responsible for any losses which resulted from the changes in the shipping schedule by the shipping company.

15. Company reserves the full right to cancel, hold or postpone any good if there are any unpaid balance.

16. Release of the vehicle/container/used earth moving machinery from port of discharge, custom clearance, vehicle registration or any other regulation is the sole responsibility of the clients in their respective countries.

17. For all shipping ports in Japan, we provide free storage of 30 days in case of small vehicle or machine and 60 days for used heavy equipment or construction machinery.

18. In case where shipment is delayed from the client’s side, the client is bound to pay a minimum between $10/- to $50/-USD charge per day or any other additional charge.

19. Vanning charge of spare parts container is charged separately which may vary depending on the size of container.

20. All the charges will be mentioned on our official invoice issued by Hinoda Trading; Client can confirm the charges before sending any Telegraphic Transfer.

If any dispute is arisen, it is recommended to resolve with mutual understanding through discussion or face to face meeting. If still the dispute can’t be resolved between The Client and The Company, the Saitama District Courts holds the exclusive jurisdiction over the dispute which is located in the city of Urawa, Japan.

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