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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


1. HINODA TRADING LLC (hereafter referred to as “Company”) declares to establish the following terms and conditions (hereafter referred to as “T&C”) for our valuable clients/corporations (hereafter referred to as “Users”) who will utilize our company’s corporate website.

2. By accessing/using our corporate website through any means (Public or Private Network), Users are deemed to have read and agreed to our company’s Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and furthermore to have accepted any further changes, amendments, new upgraded or decided policies (which are usually discussed in Company’s meeting once a month within the management) of our company’s T&C.

3. Company holds and reserves the full right to update modify, change or make variations of T&Cs at any time without giving or holding any private/public notifications as per our regulations and requirements.

4. The agreement and T&Cs will only and only be governed and directed by the Laws of Japanese Jurisdiction System. Without regards to the conflict without any other provisions of laws or regulations.


1. Company will offer no guarantee in terms of the validity, correctness or reliability of any information about the goods and services which it provides to the users. Exceptions are made where any warranty or guarantee is clearly stated in writing or committed on a written signed contracts.

2. Company has great sense of responsibility to handle the goods with intense care. However, due to the nature of used construction machinery and heavy equipment (hereafter referred to as “Goods”) – All sales will be on “as in, where is” condition and there will be no exceptions in this regard. The company will not or never bear the liability for defects, problems or the overall conditions of any good.

3. Company will not bear any liability for any document, financial information, contract, agreement of any kind, invoice or payment receipts or quotations unless any of the mentioned above are original documents stamped and signed by Company’s representative with official seal or stamp if required.

4. Company will never in any case accept returns of Goods provided under any circumstances.


1. Customer must have reached to age of civil majority (if you are an individual) and if customer is acting as a company, they must have permission from higher management or be authorized by higher personnel within their company to use our services.

2. False information or fake contact details will never be used for communication purposes.

3. All information provided for communication purposes should be accurate to the best of customer’s knowledge.

4. Customer is fully responsible to get access to suitable equipment to utilize our services which includes communication equipment, software, access to internet (Private or Public Networks) etc.


1. Customers are not allowed disclose any business-related information without the consent of the Company. Furthermore, it is also not allowed to give permission to any other entity, party or group to use the information.

3. Any such information which seems to be shared is subject to be approved only by the concerned authority in the Company.

3. Should there be any conflict for such conditions, the customer is solely responsible for all financial or any other means caused with this breach of copyright.


1. Company will make no guarantee whatsoever for the accuracy, completeness or usability of all or any type of information, which includes description of the services, the customer will receive whilst using our services.

2. If there is any dispute or conflict financially or morally between the customer and third party, the Company is not liable for such disputes or conflicts.

3. Furthermore, in case of gross negligence or criminal intent, customer is fully liable for any damages incurred by the Company as a result of violating T&Cs.


1. Company will never deal or sell goods or services to children. Minors in any country may use the services under adult supervision. We knowingly or unknowingly do not gather any personal information from minors under the age of majority, which is according to the each country we do business with.


1. In case where a dispute is arisen with regards to the Goods and Services, the parties concerned agree to make an attempt or attempts to settle such dispute in a sincere and honest manner through discussion or meeting face to face.

2. If a dispute can’t be resolved through either discussion or meeting face to face between both parties, the place where exclusive jurisdiction over the dispute will be “The Saitama District Courts” located in the city of Urawa, Japan.


The brand name “Hinoda Trading”, its logo and graphics along with website including services and goods offered are trademarks of Hinoda Trading LLC. Other brand names or company names/images, logos, designs and trademarks on our website are the property of their respective owners.

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